How to Get Rid of Man Boobs (from somebody that once had them)

Hi, my name is Peter Mullings and I used to suffer from embarrassing man boobs.

Now that I have (finally) got rid of them, I want to share with you exactly how I did it, and how you can do this too.

First of all, a bit about me and my man boobs story

I got my ‘moobs’ when I hit puberty at the age of 13. 

I was a skinny kid so my sudden development of man boobs was not a result of being overweight.

It was a horrifying experience at the time, I didn’t understand why my nipples suddenly puffed out and I did everything I could to hide them to ensure that nobody else saw them.

I used to walk past shop windows, and see the reflection of myself with my nipples sticking through my t-shirts, it made me extremely self conscious.

My life changed as I stopped doing things that would mean me having to take my top off in front of people:

  • I stopped going to the beach (I used to live right on the coast in a beautiful seaside town, so that was a big loss for me)
  • I avoided going into the school showers whenever I could, and if I had to I did everything to cover them up while walking into the showers
  • I wore baggy clothes to try and hide my swollen nipples from showing through
  • I never wanted to go swimming any more (I used to be a very good swimmer when I was younger)

For all of my teenage years and early twenties I was full of anxiety and self-awareness because of my man boobs, it really affected me badly.

So when I was 24 years old I decided to go to the doctors, to see if there was any medical solution that would help me get rid of my moobs.

The doctor told me I had a condition called ‘Gynecomastia’, and said the fact that I had had them for over a decade already meant that they were probably there to stay.

Asking the doctor about my options, he said the best thing would be surgery.

I lived in the UK at the time, so the surgery was free on the NHS. I would just have to wait a while for the operation to happen.

So I decided to go ahead with it, and once I made that decision I was very excited that I could now finally get rid of my moobs.

The surgery went fine, and I was very happy with the results. I now had a flat chest, and the scars were well hidden under the natural shape of the chest.

I was happy and was confident to do all of the things that I had avoided doing for over 10 years

But unfortunately this happiness didn’t last

A couple of years after the surgery, I had started to put on a little bit of weight (not too much, but it was noticeable), and then my worst nightmare started to happen! 

Yes, my nipples started to puff out again!

I thought it was because of my small weight gain, so I started to do cardio exercise like crazy to lose the extra weight I put on.

Although I was successful with losing weight, my nipples did not respond. They stuck out like blown-up puffer fish!

The solution to my man boobs problem

I actually lived for the next twenty years with my moobs, and reverted back again to my old ways of avoiding a lot of potentially embarrassing situations. 

This was a place that I had really hoped not to go back to

So by now I had reached my mid-forties, and I decided that enough was enough.

I started to research the cause of man boobs, and then anything that could get rid of them (except for surgery again!)

I found out that it was possible to get rid of man boobs with the right methods, and reading other peoples success stories gave me motivation to do this myself.

I have to say, it was not something that happened in a short time. 

It took me about a year of trial and error to find out what worked best for me. Some things worked better than others for me, but this is always the case as it is all down to the individual.

So I am happy to tell you now, that I managed to get rid of my moobs through a combination of exercise and knowing the best foods to eat (and avoid). 

It took me longer to achieve as I tried so many things, and didn’t follow any targeted proven strategies.

So this is why I wanted to create this site, so I can help people like you (assuming you are here because you have man boobs too).

Below I will show you some options that will start you off on the right track from day one (so you don’t have to waste a year trying things that don’t work like I did).

Getting rid of your man boobs (how you can do this)

First of all it’s good to understand the two types of man boobs, and the difference between the two, as this could make a difference as to the course of action you take to get rid of your moobs.

Gynecomastia is when the male breast gland tissue enlarges. There are several reasons why this can occur, but the most common reason is physiological due to hormonal changes that occur at various stages of life (puberty is usually the first one, and this is when i developed mine).

It can also be caused by a reaction to certain medication or abuse of drugs such as marijuana, anabolic steroids or alcohol.

Then there are some pathological cases, which are not as common as the others. But where some diseases (often liver or kidney disease) that can create an imbalance of testosterone and oestrogen in the body.  

NOTE – if you have gynecomastia, you cannot reverse this by using the methods below. But you can reduce them, and build up your chest more to cover them up (which is what I did)

The term “Pseudo” actually means ‘lying or false’, which gives some indication into what pseudogynaecomastia actually is.

Pseudogynaecomastia is not a result of excess breast tissue, as is the case with gynecomastia. But rather, a case of excess fat usually coming from being overweight.

Using targeted exercise to lose your moobs

Before we get into the best exercises to help you lose your man boobs, one thing should be made clear.

You can’t spot reduce fat, meaning you cannot target a specific area of your body to lose fat on. But you can target areas of your body to grow muscle.

There are certain exercises that will build muscle around the chest area, and can make your whole chest look a lot more defined, and the swollen nipples will blend on more with the chest area.

I found the best exercises are not necessarily the ones you would think would work for this. 

I highly recommend the Lose Man Boobs in 30 Days product, as it is created by Tim Harris, a personal trainer of over 30 years, and also Bryan McCluskey who contested in the Mr America and Mr Universe competitions.

Together they have put together an amazing array of exercises that will target the right areas to greatly reduce the nipple protrusion you are currently experiencing. 

I personally still do a lot of these exercises today (they can be done in your home, you don’t have to go to a gym to do most of them).

It is important that you follow that exact form for each exercise they lay out, so that you can laser target the right areas.

Eating the right food (and what to avoid)

Whether your man boobs are from gynecomastia or pseudogynaecomastia, eating the right food can make a massive difference when trying to lose them.

I would say that eating the right food was the biggest reason I was finally able to get rid of my man boobs.

Don’t think it’s about calorie restriction, don’t worry you won’t have to starve yourself to death in order to achieve success with this. 

In fact, starving yourself will do more harm than good when trying to get rid of your moobs.

Eating a low-calorie diet will increase your estrogen levels, and decrease your testosterone level, and this fluctuation in your E:T ratios actually makes it harder for you to lose your moobs! 

What should you be eating?

This is so important!

You need to be eating food that raise the right hormones in your body, such as testosterone and progesterone.

When I discovered this, and started eating the food that encourages this, that is when I noticed a significant reduction in my man boobs!

Here are just a few of the food types that you should be including in your diet if you want to get rid of your man boobs once and for all:

  • Fatty fish (salmon, mackerel and sardines)

  • Foods high in vitamin B (Seafood, lean red meat, poultry, beans, spinach)
  • Eggs (specifically the yolks)
  • Foods that decrease estrogen levels (broccoli, kale, cabbage, and cauliflower)

Reality check – if you currently eat an unhealthy diet, then you are probably eating food that will actually increase the size of your man boobs!

Believe me, you can change your diet to start including all of the right foods. If I did it, then you can to.

I have discovered so many different ways of including the right food types in my diet, and now it has become second nature to eat only the right food.

There is more information about this here on my site, but once you get started changing your diet, you can start seeing the benefits fairly quickly.

Get started NOW!

You CAN get rid of your man boobs, just like I did. But it does take some work, and it won’t happen over night.

So get started making changes NOW. The sooner you start, the sooner you will lose your moobs and lift that weight from your shoulders that has been burdening you.

Start learning the right exercises to do, and most importantly, introduce the food types you should be eating in your diet right away.

Tip - Quick fix

As I just mentioned, you absolutely can get rid of your moobs by using the right methods as described above.

It may take you 3-4 months to get there, but losing your man boobs will be a life changing thing for you.

To get you motivated, and used to living life with a flat chest, you can make a start by hiding your man boobs now.

There are specially designed clothing items that will compress your nipples so they look flat. 

Wear these under your regular shirts and t-shirts, and you can immediately walk around in confidence again, it’s a wonderful feeling and really gets you motivated to get rid of your man boobs once and for all!