How to Hide Man Boobs

If you have man boobs then I’m sure that you do everything you can to ensure they aren’t protruding through your shirts and making you feel extremely anxious and embarrassed.

This is very hard to do though, and more often that not, even when wearing baggy clothes, you can still see those puffy nipples poking through your shirt!

While you should always look at more permanent ways of getting rid of your man boobs, there are some quick fixes that will enable you to hide your man boobs and walk around with a bit more confidence.

Fortunately, there are a few ways that you can do this, starting from today.

Clothing that hides man boobs

Obviously, the clothing, and I mean your tops that you wear, are going to be key to how much your man boobs show.

So here are a few tips and solutions that can help you hide your moobs:

1. Compression shirts – these are designed to compress any excess fat into the body. These can be worn under regular shirts and do a great job of flattening your chest.

Fortunately there are no shortage of these, as they are quite popular now for those that do a lot of sports.

But you can also get gynecomastia shirts specifically designed for men with moobs.

Tip – if you intend to wear these under your work shirts, then make sure that you get a lighter color compression shirt.

Tip 2 – avoid polyester compression vests as these will make you very hot and sweaty. Go for cotton designed vests, or vests made from microfiber or moisture-wicking fabrics

2.  Clothing size – this is very important, as you really want to avoid clothing that is too baggy, as this will just hang off you and accentuate your man boobs even more.

Then of course, clothing that is too tight will also show up every curve you have, so the fit needs to be somewhere in the middle, and you really should try on different shirts to ensure that you find the best ones for your body shape.

Tip – if you like to wear t-shirts, then try and get thicker ones as these are much better at hiding your curves.

3.  Wear darker colors – wearing lighter color shirts is not a good idea of you want to be able to hide your man boobs. Lighter colors show up the shadows from any protrusions (such as your swollen nipples) very easily.

Darker colors such as black, navy, indigo, dark grey etc are much better for concealing what lies beneath, so definitely try and wear darker colors more.

4.  Weaves over knits – Go for woven materials (think dress shirts) over knitted materials (think t-shirts).

Woven materials don’t shape as much as knitted, so they won’t curve around the swollen nipples as much as knitted materials will.

5.  Vertical strips, not horizontal – horizontal stripes accentuate any curves, so don’t wear any clothing with horizontal stripes or patterns if you want to hide your man boobs.

Vertical stripes or patterns do wonders for slimming you down and hiding any curvature that may be there under your shirt.

6.  Hide big nipples with small patterns – patterns can do wonders in camouflaging swollen nipples, especially smaller more detailed patterns.

7.  Avoid V-necks – V-neck shirts actually draw attention more towards the chest area, which is exactly what you are trying to avoid. Try getting shirts that have a high crew-neck fitting to them.

What not to do when trying to hide your man boobs

Trying to tape up your man boobs is not a good idea!

For one, it is really uncomfortable and wearing tape across your nipples for any length of time is going to really bother you after a while.

Another issue with doing this is that it is very hard to get an even look when taping up your chest area, so you will likely get lumps and bumps sticking out of the sides, and this will look even more strange through your shirt.

You should also avoid using Ace bandages.

Ace bandages actually tighten around your chest, so the experience is never going to be a pleasant one, you will be extremely uncomfortable wearing them.

Plus, as with the tape, you will find it very hard to tape up your nipple area in an even way, so again there will be odd looking lumps and bumps poking out everywhere. Not good!

Think long term solutions

The above clothing advice are great short-term solutions, but you are literally just concealing the issue. 

Use them now to hide you man boobs while you go to work or go out with friends, but you should definitely think about more permanent solutions.

Get rid of your man boobs for good, so then you can wear any clothing you like with confidence.

Start doing the right exercises to build up your chest in the right areas, and help to lose fat.

These two together can really help you get rid of your man boobs for good, and give you your confidence back so you can start embracing all of the situations you have been trying to avoid because of your man boobs.

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